About Us

Welcome to Bandit-helmets.com the online retailer of Bandit motorcycle helmets and Biltwell motorcycle helmets in the Uk.  Powered by Moore Speed Racing, from the south coast, with over 15 years in the retail business of all things motorcycle. In that time, we have been a main retailer of the Bandit Helmet brand here in the UK, along with performance motorcycle parts, motorcycle clothing and accessories, bikes and operating a full workshop, Dyno and service centre.

We have an experienced team that can answer any questions that you may have on any of the products we sell. We are more than happy to give you any advice, help and information you require.


About Bandit Helmets

Bandit-Helmets are the Uk’s main retailer/importer of the Bandit Helmets brand from Germany.  Bandit Helmets have proven to be a go to brand for the old school rider,

streetfighter, Cruiser, scooter, and anybody who wants a helmet that has attitude and unique styling.

BANDIT helmets have worked hard on creating the perfect helmet for more than 20 years.

Every single Helmet that Bandit produce, is checked and examined carefully, before it makes it out of the factory, for sale. The full-face helmets are tested at high speeds at up to 185 mph (300 kmph) on the German motorway.

To offer you the latest technology, the best quality and craftsmanship, Bandit helmets co-operates closely with the manufacturing plants. A Bandit helmet is no mass-produced article. They are manufactured in small quantities, with care and accuracy, to ensure the best quality possible.

The best material and the latest manufacturing methods, combined with  Customers’ feedback and years of experience, give Bandit Helmets the ability to offer the best quality and an optimized fit.

The JetXXRSuperstreet II and Crystal helmets are manufactured exclusively for Bandit helmets. The interior is made from 95% cotton which is shaped in a special molding process for more comfort and a better fit.
You can be sure of the quality, effort, knowledge and years of experience that are put into these models.

Bandit helmets combine it all: great quality, comfort and safety


Helmet size

If you do not know your size yet – here is a short guide on how to find it out:
Take a string or measuring tape and wrap it around your head at the height if the eyebrows and around the back of your head at the widest extent. This measure in centimeters is your helmet size.
For example, you get a measure of 60 centimeters your size is ‘L’